Our mission is to be a publicly accessible option. To this end, Compass sets its tuition at the Vermont public school average.  We provide both a Scholarship program and Financial Aid to help ensure that all families with a desire to attend Compass have the opportunity.

Vermont Town Pay Tuition: Towns without age-appropriate educational facilities (“tuitioning” towns) pay a set tuition for their students to attend local public and private schools. This means that if you live in a tuitioning town, your Compass tuition is paid in full by your town (Enrollment and Required Fees remain the responsibility of the family).  

Scholarships and Financial Aid : We want our program to be accessible to students from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds, and we are committed to working with families to make affording Compass a realistic possibility.  

Generous financial aid is available for Compass families based on demonstrated need as determined by information provided by the family to TADS (Tuition Aid Data Service).  Families seeking financial aid need to submit an online application to TADS in order to be considered. We encourage families seeking aid to apply early, and more information about submitting materials is provided during the enrollment process.

Payment Plans: We offer a range of payment processing plans and are dedicated to working with each family to find a payment schedule that works.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and Application
Application Fee: $50
Tuition: $15,933 (2019-2020)
Support Services: Dependent upon student need and arrangement with family 

Enrollment Fees (payable at time of enrollment)
Tuition Insurance: 2% of tuition ($369 for 2019-2020)
Technology Fee: $50

Required Fees**
Student Activities Fee: $300 
**  Payable about 90 days after the date of enrollment.  

The link below leads to TADS, where you can begin by creating an account and reviewing the worksheet and application process.