1960's Decade Museum, May 9th, 6 pm

1960's Decade Museum, May 9th, 6 pm

As part of a culminating study in Humanities class, the 9th and 10th grade turn the school into a Living Museum of the 1960’s, with food, movies, displays, and interactive exhibits. All are welcome to join this community event to experience an immersive learning project exploring the social, political, and scientific events of the 1960’s.

The Alumni Survey, Twenty Years in Review

If you could go back to high school at Compass, what would you do differently?
Was it hard for you when you left high school, will I need to change?  
What advice did you get in high school that you ignored at the time, but now you realize you should have listened to it?

Alumni, Parents, Friends of Compass -- please take a moment to share your Compass reflections with us in our 20th Anniversary Survey.  

The questions above came directly from our current students during an exercise called "Ask A Graduate" held in advisory groups earlier this year.  As part of our 20th Anniversary year, we're gathering data, honoring memories, and fostering new connections between generations of Compass students.

While this survey is designed for former students, parents and former staff are welcome and encouraged to share reflections and feedback as well, adjusting responses along the way as needed. 

As we look ahead to the next 20 years, join us in a dialog about creating a learning environment for the 21st century that is responsive, supportive, and an excellent foundation for early adulthood.   Please join us in this endeavor by taking the time to share your reflections with us here in this survey -- we look forward to hearing from you!