Assessment at Compass involves on-going feedback to students and parents on student learning at the school. While much of his feedback is communicated in the course of the school day formally and informally, more formal reporting on each student’s progress occurs three times during the year.

Teachers complete detailed graded and narrative reports that address key learning areas. This report card format is organized around the five learning realms, with each teacher selecting proficiency indicators that they have focused on each in each semester.

This formal feedback is not intended to compare or rank students but instead is meant to identify areas of individual strength and areas for further attention, and to encourage students to grow as learners. At the end of the year, students receive overall grades in each realm in each class, reflecting competency in that realm over the course of the year.

It is our hope that the report form serves less as a final judgment on student learning than as a vehicle to open up thinking and conversation about each child’s progress.

Parents are encouraged to bring their questions about reports to the teachers either by phone, email, or to parent-teacher-student conferences scheduled each term.

Our transcript captures grades for classes as well as the breadth of other experiences in the Compass program. Colleges value how well this reflects the holistic education students engage in during their time at Compass.

See a Sample Report Card
See a Sample Transcript


A central part of the promotion process at Compass revolves around student portfolios. Throughout the year, with the support of the advisor, each student collects work representing achievement in each learning realm. At the end of 8th, 10th, and 12th grades, each student presents his or her portfolio at a roundtable, where it is determined if the student is ready for promotion to the next grade level. In addition to the collected work, students write reflective letters related to each learning realm and present their work to the roundtable committee including teachers, peers, and family.

What is the Graduation Portfolio Roundtable?

As students prepare for graduation at Compass School, they work intensively to prepare a portfolio of their work that will represent their mastery and performance in each of the Compass learning realms and in each core discipline areas. This portfolio will be evaluated by a graduation committee composed of teachers from different subjects and grade levels, parent(s), outside examiner(s), and a student peer. The committee members examine all of the entries and hear the students' oral presentation of their work to determine if a student is ready to graduate.

The Graduation Portfolio Exhibition represents a student’s hard work and accomplishments in the 11th and 12th grades. The exhibition consists of a comprehensive reflective portfolio of work, reflective letters for each learning realm, and a roundtable presentation. This exhibition serves as a teaching/learning tool that provides students with the opportunity to observe growth, evaluate work, and reflect upon one’s learning experiences and achievement in the Compass Learning Realms. The graduation portfolio is a powerful celebration of a student’s accomplishments throughout his/her Compass School experience. The Graduation Portfolio Exhibition is a requirement for graduation.